As a full-service pest control company, what services do you offer? 

As a full-service pest control company, Eco Pest's qualified and trained technicians provide the following services for both residential and commercial clients: 


  • Fumigation/Tenting - termite and beetle extermination.  This is the only way to fully rid any structure of wood destroying insects.  We offer free quotes for this service, so feel free to contact us. 

  •  General Pest Control - ants, cockroaches, churchworms, spiders, flies, anything but bees and we will take care of it for you.  We focus on not just treating the symptoms of a pest problem, but destroying the cause of it.  

  •  Rodent Control - rats and mice.  We have a proven multi-pronged approach for tackling rodents on your property both inside and out. 

Why Eco Pest?  What does the 'Eco' stand for?  

'Eco' for us, has a two part meaning.  The first, is ecological - we wanted to build a pest control company while protecting the island as best as we can.  The second, is economical - we wanted to build a pest control company that is fair and provides the best value for the price. 

Does your green logo mean that you're environmentally friendly?  

Eco Pest is the first pest control company in Bermuda to offer a naturally derived solution to pest control, Green Control*


The green also represents our fresh approach to pest control.  Learning from industry leaders outside of Bermuda, we train our technicians to focus on the source of a pest problem.  With baiting techniques and single-insect targeted materials, our teams can solve a problem with minimal impact to our environment. 

How much do your services cost? 

This is a question we get asked all the time.  The cost of our services is dependent on a number of factors: 


  • the type of service you are requesting,

  • the type and size of dwelling the pest problem is in, and

  • the severity of the pest problem.


We're happy to give you a free estimate - just give us a call

What makes Eco Pest different? 

We use the most current and most effective approach to pest control. For years, the industry has been plagued with 'spray jockeys' who pump chemicals all over the place and only treat the symptom of an infestation.  This works, but only for a limited period.  Eco Pest aims to remove the current symptoms of a pest problem AND also destroy the cause of it.  Our technicians are trained to identify the insect and cause of an infestation. This allows a tailored, targeted approach to any problem.


This is where advances in baiting come into play.  Eco Pest has the industry-leading baits that get into the harbourages (nests) of cockroaches, ants, and other pests.  We believe that when you get to the source of the problem, you significantly improve the effectiveness of the pest control treatment.

How do you deal with rodents (rats, mice)? 

For rodents, the most effective solution is baiting. While this is done in Bermuda today, the bait boxes are often poorly placed and are not monitored/replenished enough.


We use an additional attractant on the outside of the tamper-proof bait boxes to lure the rodents in and feast on the bait. This makes baiting more effective. We monitor bait box placements the first and second week after first time placements to ensure they are placed properly and bait is being taken. When there is a rat problem, the population can consume all bait blocks within the first 2-3 days. Once we know the bait is being taken we replenish and monitor on a monthly basis.

What is your solution for ants and cockroaches? 

We use a range of products and techniques (internal and external). This includes residual chemicals and gel baits, directly placed on problem areas. These baits are taken back to the ant and cockroach harbourages, which helps eliminate the problem.  Eco Pest technicians are trained to identify the pest in question and then tailor their approach to that exact species.  

Is there another way to treat termites? 

Tent fumigation is the only way to ensure a 100% eradication of the termite colony in your home. “Spot Treatments” do have some short-term effects but cannot be guaranteed as they will not effectively treat the areas where termites simply cannot be visually detected.

Does Eco Pest handle bird nest removal? 

Yes, we are able to deal with bird nest removals. They aren’t good to leave for too long as they can undermine structures, be quite noisy, and also carry bird mites into your home.

Have more questions? 

Don't hesitate to contact us!  We're happy to hear from you!